• The biggest benefit was a deeper understanding of myself in relation to my work and a greater commitment to self-care while balancing the needs of my business. This lead to better productivity at work and a more balanced life.–Devi Pride, Devi Pride Photography

Bay Area Small Business Coach

Nowadays my life seems to be pretty balanced but at one time in my life running my water feature contracting business with 5 employees and an office manager – I felt like my life was very much out of balance –

I experienced the business being successful financially but I was not happy – I felt a constant sense of overwhelm and everything seemed dependent on me and if I was not careful ‘all hell would break loose’ – there seemed to be just an endless list of things to cover – then came a job that we did that involved the use of a crane and bringing boulders on a strap over the client’s house – there was a very tight time frame involved because the client had a large party scheduled on an upcoming date so we had no room for error.

I tried to let the issues go in the evening – but the whole month we were on the job I was waking up at night sweating and thinking about the project and basically stressed and anticipating problems – afterwards I thought there has to be a better way to do this – and so sometime later I received some coaching on the business.

I did not need help with cash flow, or budgeting, or a business plan – I needed help with my energetic availability to the work – I was constantly trying to protect myself from the feeling of overwhelm – eventually after some coaching over a 3 month period I came to realize that the constant stress I was carrying, the feeling of being burdened by the work, was something I was simply creating myself again and again – starting with when I left the house in the morning. This was something of a revelation to me!

When I noticed this and got very specific about when it started in the morning I resolved to change my whole pattern of behavior when leaving for work – the difference was huge!

I then went on to build some very positive life and work habits which are serving me greatly to this day!

This all came about as a result of the coaching!

Doing Business With Vision.

Running your own business can be one of the most stimulating and empowering things that you can do for yourself. It can put you in touch with strengths and skills that you did not know you have!

The ability to create something that you have real enthusiasm for and the chance to provide simply really good service and have satisfied customers!

Building it from the inside out so that it represents your core values and a way of working in the world where you have the chance to make a good living and work with great employees.

However, Some Things That Might Get In Your Way, The Areas that Impact You!

The feeling of overwhelm – that you feel like you have to wear 7 hats and cover all the bases!

A constant level of stress, believing you have a pressure to perform and never quite enough time to do what needs to be done!

Frustration at not getting lift off and feeling fragmented at work!

Sleepless nights with strong concerns about how the business is going!

The general feeling that it all hangs on you – that unless you initiate it nothing changes!

A lack of inspiration, that you are just covering the basics and no more!

The feeling of being the hamster on the wheel  – going round and round, doing the same thing day after day!

How I Can Support You!

  • Identifying your particular strengths so we can build on them!
  • Addressing obstacles that may have arisen for you around your work, whether in certain assumptions or limiting beliefs!
  • Working with an Energy Assessment model (ELi) that gives you a visual snapshot of where you are energetically so you can step into your true authority!
  • Looking at basic Time Management principles so you can manage your time effectively at work!
  • Working together to build good Habits in your life and work using the TinyHabits® system
  • Developing an effective Buisness Vision!
  • Helping you come to the place where you can say that what you do really reflects the core values that you have.