An Interactive Coaching Style

I work with clients in a supportive space to help them develop an understanding of their gifts and talents so that they can be the best they can be in their work and in their life.

Using the Energy Assessment System ( ELi ) to help the client develop a leadership style that works for them.

Become comfortable working with teams and how to empower the people that work with you.

Identify the roles that you are called to play in your work.

Get comfortable with having and following a business vision.

Understand the importance of setting down and limiting your priorities.

Putting first things first and getting follow thru.

Identify and let go of obstacles and build on your strengths!


Building Life and Work Habits

Through the application of the TinyHabits® system and thru identifying behavior anchors using the work of B.J.Fogg and the writings of James Clear ‘Atomic Habits’ we build out habits using very small steps that create big impacts on your day.

Also available is accessing a 5 day online program for building habits!

Examples of habits that may be built out – A Morning exercise routine, Reducing stress at work, Reminders before making phone calls, Time Management in the workplace.


Creating a Business Vision that can Guide You at Work

Creating a Road Map to build out the vision!

Working from the inside out so that the vision embraces your core values.

Thru visualization and imagery getting a concrete sense of the impact on the project or plan.

Working back from future time to establish first steps!