• Ian G.

    I am a 40 year old self employed builder in Santa Cruz. Prior to meeting Tim, I focused my energy on the day to day activities of construction projects, often feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of work and the deadlines that needed to be met. Over four sessions we worked on creating realistic goals for work, family and personal well being. By identifying events that caused unnecessary stress, we were able to implement strategies that helped me to be more effective at my job and at home.

    Tim's teaching style is ''listening based''. He doesn't steer a conversation as if trying to teach a lesson, but instead lets you guide the conversation and pulls the solutions out of your thoughts. He is excellent at being able to look at a problem or situation from many different angles and present several possible approaches.

    One part of the coaching that I found particularly beneficial was the ''tiny habits'' training. By doing a chosen habit after an already established daily ritual, the program not only helps maintain more regularity in your daily routine, but also builds pride in the smallest of accomplishments . The tiny habits that I worked with seemed too small initially, but as I ''mastered'' them, I found that they became building blocks for training myself to take on bigger habits and challenges.

    Tim is an incredible coach that puts emphasis on balancing all aspects of life in order to create a productive and fulfilling work life. - Ian G.

  • Brenda Leach

    What I appreciate most from Tim’s coaching is the way he helps me find my inner knowing. I don’t always remember that I have intuition and a deep wisdom that’s worth following, but it’s in there and when I act in accordance with it, I have more energy and conviction in my business.

    I also really like the practicality of taking small steps. Tim guides me towards small manageable steps, rather than grandiose plans that could intimidate me and cause self-sabotage. And I appreciate his specificity— the particular commitments I make ring in my memory’s ears later in the week, so I take the actions I need to.

    Tim is deeply respectful, with the flexibility to have his role work for his clients. For example, he offers to be an accountability partner or not, to offer an anecdote or not, to follow a line of questions or not, all without judgement or expectation. - Brenda Leach Art and BodyPainting

  • Devi Pride

    Before working with Tim I had many challenges around time management both personally and professionally. I had a lot of stress and unhealthy habits surrounding overwork and lack of balance and self-care. My only hesitation to working with Tim was the time commitment. However, when I found that this time really helped me to focus on changing these old patterns the time was well worth it.

    I was surprised to find that while working with Tim, not only could I change the way I was approaching stress, but I also became more aware and this was helpful in so many other areas of my life. Personally, the biggest benefit was a deeper understanding of myself in relation to my work and a greater commitment to self-care while balancing the needs of my business. This lead to better productivity at work and a more balanced life. I highly recommend working with Tim. He is a great listener and really creates a space where I can find greater insight and lay a solid foundation for positive change. - Devi Pride, Devi Pride Photography

  • Luis Garza

    Coaching with you has helped me to clarify not only my goals but where my stumbling blocks are located. The ELI Assessment has been additionally beneficial in that it gives a visual graphic of my baseline personality and how I may react under stress. The question/answer portion of our ELI debrief session was very instructive and has given me further insight into how I engage stressful situations on a day to day basis. I believe that having this information about myself will help me to maintain my poise and to achieve an equitable solution to any problem more quickly than has been my norm.

    The debrief session format was non-threatening and did not make me feel as if I was being judged in any kind of way. It was very easy for me to be honest in my self-inquiry and to feel as if the process was for my benefit rather than a test by which I would be scored or measured.

    Overall I would recommend this assessment to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves; in relation to how they are as a person and in contrast to how their personality can change under duress. - Luis Garza, Business Owner

  • Joseph Alasko

    Coaches. Football players have coaches. Tennis players have coaches.
    Those of us that are in business for ourselves are in business by ourselves.
    We often work way too hard in our business and do not work hard enough on our business.
    We need that ‘outside’ view that channels our energy and direction to success.
    I found that channel with my business coach, Tim Gillett. He is dedicated to analyze my
    strengths and ‘business’ failings and be my coach and my business champion. We have our coaching sessions regularly and after each visit I marvel at my progress. Sometimes I resist, but every time I feel good. Thanks, Tim, my business coach! - Joseph Alasko, Business Owner PondArt